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Target Market

Fleet Road Information Management System (FRIMS) is must have GPS tracking solution for organizations that wish to keep in touch with their on-the-road fleet. FRIMS is a highly customizable business application which can be configured to match needs of any organization. It utilizes over the shelf phone devices (currently being offered on Blackberry with GPS capability) making it a very cost effective solution. FRIMS requires no hardware installation of any kind. Customers can download the application from the website and get their fleet tracking operational within minutes. FRIMS allows you to capture job status and any additional information that is needed to be fed back into an ERP or TMS solution. FRIMS bridges the gap between the back office team and mobile team. This reduces duplication of work, improves productivity, and enhances communication.

Transportation fleets (LTL/TL/Expedited):

  • Small or large fleet sizes
  • Order management system with complete back-end integration
  • Parcel pickup and service
  • Independent brokers

Bus Fleets:

  • Tour bus services
  • Coast to coast passenger
  • School buses
  • Public transportation

Professional Fleets:

  • I.T. onsite support organizations
  • Engineering firms with mobile workforce
  • Commercial service providers including taxi cabs, delivery services, etc.

Disclaimer – Handheld devices are not to be used while driving. Drivers must comply with local laws. Drivers must make a complete legal stop before using any handheld devices.