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FRIMS User Portal

FRIMS User Portal is a great tool for back-office staff to keep an eye on their fleet. Large organizations can regionalize their fleets giving certain users ability to view the entire fleet or a portion of the fleet. FRIMS portal complements any TMS/ERP system.

Features include are:

Order Management

FRIMS has a powerful order creation and management system. It is easy to integrate; small companies can use the order management module to send orders directly to their on-the-road fleet. Back-office can use the tool to visually review the status of one or all mobile agents. Each order status is maintained in the order management system.

Current Location Summary / Map

FRIMS current location summary report provides the current location of all mobile agents in a simple and concise summary. It also comes with a FREE add module that shows the current location information on a Google map.

History Map

FRIMS offers a great tool for fleet managers to review history of mobile agents as they move from location to location in any given day. The history map contains location information from the start of the day to end. The office can view either the static map or play it with using the animated view.

Statistical Reports

FRIMS user portal contains two very powerful statistical reports, which makes the job of fleet manager easy. Statistical reports provide summary by user showing miles traveled, average speed and hours worked within a given month with the ability to drill down in given day. The daily report shows the same information in hourly format. This makes it easy to evaluate your fleet utilization at a company level. It is a very powerful tool and it is free to FRIMS customers.

Digital Display Solutions

The FRIMS team recognizes the importance of timely information, which is why we have developed a digital display tool. This tool allows customers to display FRIMS information directly on one or many large screen monitors. The digital display tool can be configured to display the FRIMS map and fleet location summary, along with any other web based information. This is a powerful tool which makes information always current and readily available to decision makers.